Selenograffity – Luka Schuurman & Joeri Verdegaal

Luka Schuurman & Joeri Verdegaal

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Ambient soundscape

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About the album:

Selenograffity is the art of deconstructing the topographical areas of the moon and recomposing them as spraypaint onto a street scene surface, essentially connecting a distant and elusive world with our direct surroundings.

For this release, we used sound as a medium for selenograffity, with the word ‘sound’ being used to imply a vague distinction between music and everything else (if all is not one, anyway). Improvising with all sorts of devices, we managed to create something that in the end we ourselves couldn’t quite grasp. We don’t really have any clear memory of the performance, except that we were about to make it and then we had finished making it, and everything in between feels a bit like a tunnel or a portal of some sort, a wormhole maybe. The resulting recording was just suddenly there.

Some bits are tranquil while others can be quite abrasive, and there’s a kind of buildup in that sense. Or a breakdown, up to you. The four tracks are named after seas of the moon, each representing a different character that a sea can have. Of course, the moon’s seas contain no water, so there is more of an imaginative touch to it. After listening back to the recordings we found them to sound like desolate alien landscapes but they were also very colorful and full of life, and we thought the contrast of giving an empty, lifeless landscape the name of the vital ecosystem that a sea is would very much be suiting for this project. Just like how we disappeared and became part of the music while creating it, the music tends to disappear and become part of our surroundings while listening. We recommend listening to this album while cycling through the city (with the sounds mixing in real-time), with the necessary trigger warnings, or for your next trip to outer or inner space.


Released June 17, 2022

Selenograffity was recorded on March 30, 2021, on a very hot, summery spring day with seagulls flying around outside the window. As spontaneously as it was conceived, we barely mixed it afterward but it underwent an inspired analog mastering session in a later stage.

Joeri Verdegaal – synths, electronics, effects, field recordings, live mixing, and stuff

Luka Schuurman – guitar, this weird harp thing, radio, effects, and whatnot

Artwork by Luka Schuurman & Joeri Verdegaal with slide images by (an) unknown artist(s).