About me

I’m an Amsterdam-based composer and sound artist. I create ambient soundscapes, electronic music, and cinematic compositions.

About my music

I make music that makes use of sound experimentation, samples, and field-recordings that take the listener on a trans-like musical journey. I capture the moment by giving space to improvisation in my live sets, and I try to create a signature sound by combining electronic and acoustic elements.

My work has a cinematic character and can therefore be applied to various interdisciplinary art projects such as film, theatre and modern dance.

Listen here to my music…

What drives me?

The driving forces behind my compositions are the interactions between me and my instruments and collaborations with other artists. At some point in the process, something unexpected will happen that sparks my creativity. This can be a concept by a fellow artist, sound design, a synthesizer or the effects on my guitar or voice. It gives me my inspiration and creates an atmosphere I can build on.


I like to use a holistic approach where the process itself is as important as the end result. Every project should add up to some form of personal growth and profound connections with the people around you. Explore the raw feelings of a particular moment. But most of all, I enjoy creating and being creative.

To present my solo projects, I create visuals or videos, do photography or make drawings to add an extra layer. When the opportunity arises, I am always open to collaborations with other artists. I like being inspired and surprised by their work and their take on the project.

Artist Coach

Alongside being a musician, I am also an artist coach. Read more about that here…