A calming ambient improvisation piece I recorded yesterday afternoon live with the new analogue setup. Weekend vibes!

Gear used in this live set-up:

  • Synthesizers:
    • Korg MS20 mini – Analogue monophonic synthesizer
    • Korg Volca FM – Digital FM synthesizer
      • Korg SQ-01 – Sequencer
  • Drum machine:
    • Arturia Drumbrute Impact
  • Effects:
    • Strymon El Capistan – Delay Pedal
    • Electro Harmonix Mel9 – Mellotron Pedal
    • Electro Harmonix Holy Grail – Reverb Pedal
    • Boss OD-3 – Overdrive Guitar Pedal
  • Recorded in Ableton Live

More Information:

Experimental video simulating the possible struggle during meditation.

Sometimes it is hard to calm the mind. Thoughts keep running through my mind, and I can’t sit still. I feel all kinds of things, like an itch on my nose, a cramp in my foot etc. You know what I’m talking about.

Sometimes it is simply not your day, and sometimes, you have to hold on. Eventually, the mind will come down. If not, try again tomorrow. Keep practising, and you will have more control over time. Keep showing up. Don’t give up! Because you will benefit from it in your daily life.

Sounds are meant to simulate the thoughts flying through the mind with a pulse that’s demanding attention and, at the same time, creating a trans-like atmosphere. It grabs our focus and calms us down, ending in a meditative state.

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More news…

De Kade aan 't IJ - An Amsterdam Soundscape

This track is an ambient soundscape inspired by samples I recorded in front of my house in Amsterdam. The beautiful guitar composition made by Harry Jansen just finishes the piece.

I live on the waterside of the river ’t IJ’ separating the north part of the city with the rest, which gives me a fantastic view. I love to sit on the couch see all the ships slowly pass by. It is so calm, relaxing and meditative, so I had to make a composition of this feeling of dreaming away by the view.

Playing Guitar_Joeri Verdegaal

I made a composition in collaboration with Harry Jansen and Chris Verdegaal. I divided the composition into four scenes, each describing a different feeling, but part of one story.

Released June 2, 2020
Joeri Verdegaal: Composition, Sound Design, Production
Harry Jansen: Guitar
Chris Verdegaal: Percussion

The four scenes separately: